You’re guaranteed a fun-packed day!

The 2020 Arena entertainment events include Graham Watkins from Gamegoer who will be entertaining us with his Gundog, Ferrets and Hawk Display, Meirion Owen with be returning with The Quack Pack, we also have the Ridgeside Little Nipper Racing and Bird of Prey Display.  Secret World will be at the Show in addition to the Severn Counties British and Foreign Bird Society.

Punch and Judy

Traditional Punch and Judy theatre

Pete Milsom will be entertaining the children (and Adults!) with a traditional, captivating theatre show.

Ferret and hawk display

Professional dog training

Graham Watkins from Gamegoer is a professional dog trainer who will be in the arena at the Show – with his Gundogs, Ferrets and Hawks. Children will love the Ferret Race!

Sheepdog display

Dog and ducks

Meirion Owen will be demonstrating his skills using border collies to round up Indian Runner Ducks with some audience participation.

Companion dog show

Campanion dog show

All dogs can take part in this informal, fun show. This is a chance to showcase the relationship between you and your best friend!
Come and enjoy a great feel-good day out